How to Paint With Alcohol Ink

In this really cool and fun video, LInda Crocco shows us her alcohol ink art technique for creating an abstract landscape with alcohol ink on YUPO using just two Ranger Ink colors and a pallet knife!

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Linda Crocco

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  1. June

    Thanks so much for sharing Linda. So simple but amazingly effective at conveying a landscape. You have inspired me for sure ;))!

  2. Dianne Cousins

    Lovely idea

  3. Lynn jones

    Interesting way to manipulate the medium. Thx

  4. Jolie wheeler

    Brilliant vid. Thank u. I am learning so much from this group.

  5. Crazycatlady66

    This is amazing, can it work with smaller pallet knife?l

    • Linda Crocco

      Thank you! I haven’t tried but I don’t see why not

  6. Trudie

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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