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As a member of the Alcohol Ink Art SOCIETY, you have access to all the resources available in the Community, as well as exclusive resources available to Society members only including:

  • Exclusive eLessons, demonstrations and courses from our team of Alcohol Ink Art Contributors
  • Massive discounts to our Alcohol Ink Art Conferences
  • Artist features on our Instagram and Facebook stories
  • Other fun activities with our Inner circle of Alcohol Ink Artists.

FREE Community Level Resources

As a member of the Alcohol Ink Art Community, you have access to some great resources for learning Alcohol Ink.

You will have access to our Frequently Asked Questions, Video Archives, Community resources.

We also encourage you to support our community by becoming a SOCIETY member, which will give you access to our exclusive resources, LIFETIME access, eLessons, live broadcasts, conference discounts and join of our INNER CIRCLE of ALCOHOL INK ARTISTS!

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