Mystical Bonsai – Time-Lapse – Smooth Variegated Sky

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This time lapse video shows how I paint a smooth variegated sky using Alcohol Ink.

These are the supplies that were used for this project.
The Ranger Ink colors are Cool Peri, Amethyst, Sunshine Yellow, Sunset Orange and Watermelon.

Alcohol Blending Solution was generously applied to the Yupo paper, which is taped to non-corrugated cardboard.

The Blending Solution was spread evenly with a coffee stirrer.

The inks were drawn on quite heavily. Be sure to use plenty of Alcohol Blending Solution and plenty of ink!

The cardboard was continually turned and tilted to get the inks to flow in the direction I wanted them to go.

Keep the inks moving and be sure to wipe up ink that accumulates at the edges throughout the process.

When the background is completely dry, you can set the card down and take your next steps.

The narrated, real time videos (Part 1 and Part 2) are available exclusively through
The Alcohol Ink Art Society HERE.

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